March 5, 2024
Mane Foundation & QTU, long-term supporters of a special community

Mane Foundation and QTU have become long-term supporters of children and young people with Down syndrome, in cooperation with the Down Syndrome Albania Foundation. Through the provision of therapies, educational equipment for specialized centers and employment initiatives, Mane Foundation and the first shopping center in Albania have contributed to the creation of a better quality of life for the people of this special community and their families.

Individual therapies funded by Mane Foundation and QTU have improved the children’s verbal, cognitive and social skills, empowering them to be more independent in self-care and the learning process. Therapists at the Down Syndrome Albania center are optimistic about the results in interaction and emotional intelligence.

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But therapeutic sessions and psychological support go beyond developing a perspective of the children’s future. They have had a direct positive impact on their families. Parents are also the focus of the support from Mane Foundation and QTU. They have been trained in the implementation of the Individual Education Plan, under the guidance of professional therapists.

“Therapy is a long-term process, but so are its results, thanks to the cooperation with Mane Foundation and QTU,” said Flavia Shehu, Head of the Services Center at the Down Syndrome Foundation Albania.

Among others, the staff of QTU employees are also engaged in this initiative, organizing entertaining activities from time to time. This commitment will continue with the goal of empowering the community of individuals with Down syndrome.