December 14, 2022
Samir Mane invites the youth of UET to aim high and prove themselves as entrepreneurs

The president of BALFIN Group, Samir Mane, held a meeting with students and lecturers of the European University of Tirana, to share his personal example of setting up a successful business. The central auditorium of the university, with dozens of participating students, became the scene of an inspiring conversation about the opportunities given to young people at different times and their willingness to try.

The interest of the students was natural on the beginnings of business and the opportunities that they themselves can have nowadays. “Today’s enterprise, which has around 5,000 employees in nine countries, all started in Vienna in 1993. The necessary conditions to start a business presented themselves at the right age and I did not hesitate,” Samir Mane revealed to the audience, encouraging them to implement ventures they may have planned. “It started with electronic devices and today we have the largest network of electronic products, operating in retail and wholesale throughout the region and countries of the European Union. The retail sector occupies an indisputable financial place in BALFIN Group, but also an emotional place for me personally.”

Asked by students about what motivates him most, he replied that “Building businesses that benefit as many people as possible is the strongest motivation.”

Prof. Dr. Selami Xhepa, President of the European University of Tirana, described Samir Mane during the meeting as one of the personalities who wrote the history of capitalism in Albania. “Our country is creating the history of a new economic system and BALFIN Group is among the founders of important industries in the country. Everything that is created thanks to the talent and courage of the entrepreneur turns into national wealth and deserves appreciation from the members of the society,” he concluded.

Visits to universities and meetings with students have already become a tradition for Samir Mane, to whom he shows the experience of the gradual business growth and what is more important, the opportunities that BALFIN Group creates for them through professional practices, supporting their entrepreneurial ideas, and employment in the relevant profiles.