June 23, 2023
Samir Mane supports Harry Fultz Institute’s young entrepreneurs

The President of BALFIN Group, Samir Mane, shared today with a group of young people his best experience – that of an entrepreneur. The winning team of the JA Company Program from Harry FUltz Institute presented to him the idea that made them winners at the national level. Samir Mane helped them to be at the level needed for the European competition.

The JA Company Program was designed by Junior Achievement of Albania and is accepted as an optional module in the secondary education curriculum. Students who choose the schedule gain knowledge about the world of finance and how a business works. During the school year, they prepare and execute a business idea. The country’s high schools where the Student Companies module develops compete with each other on the best idea.

The students of the Harry Fultz Institute in Tirana are this year’s national winners, with the idea of creating an application that enhances the financial knowledge of users, simulating transactions. On the eve of their competition with the winning teams from Europe, the team faced the investor Samir Mane as jury and mentor. He analyzed the young people’s project and suggested how to turn it into a sustainable business model and make it attractive to financiers.

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Samir Mane shared his beginnings on the entrepreneurial path and the innovations he brought to the business after creating BALFIN Group. His knowledge, but also that of all the human resources of the BALFIN Group, is now accessible to young people through the B4Students program. “If you’ve designed a venture that creates value, don’t give up. At BALFIN Group companies, you will find the expertise and support needed to develop the idea. You will also have the right space to grow as a professional there,” he advised the youth.

“It is the first time for us that in the preparatory phase for competition at the European level, students have the opportunity to consult with one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the country, with companies that operate in 10 countries. I believe this experience will benefit the students in their debut in “Gen-E” and the future,” said Blerina Guga, Executive Director of JAA.

Harry Fultz’s FiStrat team was selected as the “Best Entrepreneurial Company of 2023”, evaluated by the JA Company Program, implemented in over 100 countries. The trial of the young people with the President of BALFIN Group was their final preparation before the competition with their European peers.