June 7, 2023
GEN-E Albania 2023: Tirana Bank supports the entrepreneurs of the future

Tirana Bank continued its partnership with Junior Achievement of Albania by supporting the National Entrepreneurship Festival. The festival enables high school students to hone their skills and develop new ideas together. Part of GEN-E Albania 2023 were 125 students with 25 student companies from 17 high schools, from Malësia e Madhe to Saranda.

The companies created by the students addressed different market needs such as green economy, services, IT and innovation. Glenda Kurti, Director of the Corporate Division at Tirana Bank, chaired the jury of the festival.

“We believe that the National Entrepreneurship Festival promotes courage, competition and innovation, essential qualities for tomorrow’s leaders. It is an excellent platform for young people to showcase their talents and gain valuable knowledge about entrepreneurship,” she said.

GEN-E Albania 2023 was the finalization of the JAA Student Company Program. This year, this program engaged 2,532 students in 56 schools of higher secondary education. Previously, it held three Regional Entrepreneurship Festivals in Gjirokastër, Korçë and Lezhë. Lastly, among the 25 finalist companies, the jury awarded the project titled Fistrat from the Harry Fultz Institute in Tirana as the winner.

Fistrat, the winner of GEN-E Albania 2023

Fistrat is a game designed to increase the financial literacy of young people by alleviating the challenges associated with financial management. Its concept revolves around combining education and entertainment to create an engaging experience. The game aims to break the cycle of financial illiteracy and promote a culture of informed decision-making so that young people can confidently navigate the complexities of the modern financial world with resilience.

Motivated by the positive energy of the activity, the Director of the Corporate Division at Tirana Bank encouraged all young people to continue with their innovative ideas.

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Tirana Bank supported the National Festival of Entrepreneurship for the second year in a row. This festival demonstrates the importance that Tirana Bank attaches to social responsibility policies and projects, as part of BALFIN Group.