June 13, 2022
TEG supports the Tirana Triathlon

The fourth edition of the Tirana Triathlon ended successfully and marked the participation of 150 athletes from Albania, the region, and beyond, who competed in swimming, running, and cycling. The sports competitions took place yesterday in Helen Park, near Farka Lake, in the presence of many nature lovers.

Tirana East Gate shopping center has been a permanent supporter of this organization with three sports disciplines which represent physical activities that each of us can practice in daily life.

Mariola Kuci, Executive Director of ACREM, TEG management company, clarified that TEG is a center that creates a lifestyle for everyone who is passionate about world trends, for every follower of today’s international campaigns focused on interaction with nature. It is exactly TEG’s commitment to healthy living in harmony with the environment that connects with the beautiful tradition of the Tirana Triathlon.

The support of Tirana East Gate and BALFIN Group, which it is a part of, was also emphasized by the General Director of the Tirana Multisport Club, Deborah Keci. Also the organizer of the triathlon, Keci added that the cooperation with TEG has created the opportunity for young people to strengthen their tendency for sports.

Tirana East Gate promotes a healthy lifestyle, with outdoor activities and environmental care education, and the Tirana Triathlon is one of the most prominent sporting events in terms of competitive spirit and approach to nature.