July 9, 2018
SPAR, the brand that guarantees the highest quality for meat consumption!

Meat is a highly consumed product in our country that is served every day at the tables of thousands of Albanian families. But with the massive consumption and the blind goal of profit, we often do not know what we actually eat. This is due to a less informed customer, but is mainly due to abusive and informal traders, who often benefit from the negligence of state structures.
Only this year, dozens of cases of meat transport have been reported in scandalous hygienic-sanitary conditions in the media. A striking example was that of a small amount of flesh seized in the luggage of a vehicle near Saranda, originating in Greece, after no security certificate, such as wood or coal, and not a food product to be fed children and adults.

Also a large amount of Salmonella infected meat, originating in Brazil, and to be used in fast-food stores in the country, was happily seized by the competent authorities.
But on other occasions, clandestine traders have managed to throw away peace and dangerous meat without standard and uncontrolled has ended up at our tables ?!
We all consider cases of meat or fish trading, sidewalks or open markets in our cities, or at the edge of national roads where they are exposed to dust, sun, and other types of bacteria.
Institutions that have the task of monitoring and taking action to prevent or not repeat abusive flagrant cases, according to experts, do not always have the capacity and tools to carry out their task, or in other cases neglect. But unlike customs corruption, or the state administration, flesh or fish abuse, is a direct abuse and a dirty game that is done with our health and our lives.
Adding to this also the excessive hormonal level (outside of any permitted norms), which often many farmers who do not have the proper veterinary knowledge inject their animals, resulting in serious consequences for our health, the situation also appears dramatically .
This leads to the need to address serious companies whose name carries a high credibility and reliability and are subject to day-to-day controls and apply the highest European standards when it comes to buying its meat and its by-products.

BIO fresh and controlled beef directly from the best Albanian farms
One of them is the supermarket chain SPAR.
SPAR provides fresh and controlled BIO meat, cooperating with the best farms in Albania. His experts take care that the animal, before finishing at the tables of Albanian families, is grown enough, nurtured and treated by specialists. Then the process continues with their slaughtering, making sure it is done in safe hygienic and sanitary conditions. Run with modern fridge freight, distributing it in all SPAR markets. Then it serves the customers with well-trained staff who provide the right meat, suggesting the customers also the appropriate cooking parts they prefer. SPAR will continue to pay high importance to BIO meat products and will fully present to the consumer all the phases that accompany it from the farm to the tables of the Albanian families.

A name that means trust
SPAR was founded in 1932 in the Netherlands by Adriaan van Well under the motto DE SPAR “Door Eendrachtig Samenerken Profiteren Allen Regelmatig,” – “Everyone will benefit from joint co-operation”.
From that time on, SPAR continued to expand, expanding into more than 42 countries around the world including the continent of Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia.
Every day 12,176 stores are visited by more than 13 million customers for a turnover of 33 billion euros.
Under the slogan “Live better, spend less” since 20 June 2016 SPAR Albania is present in Albania bringing quality and innovation to a wide range of products, which set a new standard for our country’s market.

SPAR operates on the basis of 6 main pillars which are:
• Better prices than competition
• Safe Products
• Fresh products
• Choice options
• Products manufactured in Europe
• Excellent service

From 500 to 1500 employees
The current SPAR network in Albania counts 34 sales units, 29 of which are in the supermarket format and 5 hypermarkets and have about 520 employees.
SPAR Albania has created an ambitious expansion plan in Albania, which foresees the opening of 100 supermarkets and 10 hypermarkets, which will cover the entire territory of the country. Currently SPAR is present in Tirana, Durres, Fier, Shkodra, Lezha, Fushë Krujë, Saranda, Gjirokastra, Korça, Pogradec and Vlora. With this extension, the number of staff will go up to 1,500 employees.
The company is constantly looking for motivated and career-seeking employees. The application is available not only by Internet users, who can apply to social networks where SPAR is present but also those who do not have the possibility of electronic application. For this reason, SPAR has established application forms in each sales unit to provide opportunities for anyone who appreciates the skills and wants to be part of the SPAR Albania family.

Variety of Bids for Customers
SPAR offers more and more day-to-day customers, delivering the best in the market and a wide range of products. It trades BIO products, Gluten free and has the line of special products “Taste the World”. The customer card is a great advantage offered to reward the most loyal buyers. Points collected can be converted to ALL that can be spent on SPAR. With the collected points can be solved by the many catalog gifts and there are dedicated offers on different days and for specific products constantly.
Also, through a donation SPAR has donated this year an apartment on the beautiful coast of Lalzi Bay, more specifically in the luxury residence of Vala Mar.
The dream became a reality for one of the loyal customers of the supermarket network, Pranvera Shima, which simply filled a voucher with its data.
This apartment donation will not be the only case of such an initiative, as other similar initiatives are expected to follow.
But SPAR Albania also does not overlook social responsibility and cooperates with “Fundjavë Ndryshe” and World Vision organizations to help people in need.
SPAR Albania is part of Balfin Group, the largest and most innovative investment group in Albania and one of the largest in the region, renowned for its investment in TEG, QTU, SEG, residential and commercial development zones, tourism in projects such as Green Coast Resort and Vala Mar Residences, the fashion and mining industry, as well as retail sales activities with the Neptun, Jumbo, etc.