November 25, 2022
The President of BALFIN Group, a guest at the Student Forum for Entrepreneurship in Korça

Rector of Fan S. Noli University in Korça, Prof. Dr. Dhimitri Bello, invited the President of BALFIN Group, Samir Mane, for a conversation with the students of the Faculty of Economics with focus on entrepreneurship. Samir Mane’s meetings with students of various universities are part of a program through which BALFIN Group contributes to higher education in the country.

In the presence of this institution’s academic directors, Samir Mane confirmed the commitment of BALFIN Group’s companies to support the professional preparation of students and facilitate their entry into the labor market. Prof. Asst. Dr. Ledina Alolli, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, organized the open forum with the topic “From student to Entrepreneur: The Journey of Building a Successful Business”, where students expressed interest in economic issues entrepreneurship, and business management. Samir Mane encouraged the students to be on the lookout for entrepreneurial ideas and not to give up because of obstacles. According to him, “grabbing opportunities at the right time and place, taking risks, and creating good partnerships in business have been the main elements of my journey”.

BALFIN Group, with the special attention of its President, Samir Mane, is committed to increasing the quality of the education system and, above all, to enabling students to adapt to the demands of the private employment sector. “In young people, we value proactivity, persistence, professionalism, and high ethics. The lack of experience has not been a barrier, because many young people have started their first job at our companies. We have the right structures to raise professional capacities,” said the President of BALFIN Group.

The photos with the students at the end of the conversation were confirmation of clear and well-received messages.