September 24, 2021
Tirana Bank Students Hub, first 8 students employed

Tirana Bank is always supportive of young people who aim to grow professionally and be part of the banking system. Under the motto “Learn by Doing”, 26 students had the opportunity to become part of the internship program “Tirana Bank Students Hub” throughout June-August 2021.

“Tirana Bank Students Hub” is a space dedicated to young people, who are offered a positive working environment, and mentoring by Tirana Bank professionals with extensive experience in the banking sector. The program, enabled in cooperation with various universities in the country, selected 26 students out of 52 interviewed through the panel of professionals of Tirana Bank, who evaluated the presentation of 3 retail products by the candidates.

To meet student expectations and influence the market, the program was conceived in a dynamic format. The internship took place in the branch network of Tirana Bank as well as in the Head Offices, where students were provided with a flexible schedule and a dedicated work program. The training module included theoretical training, training on retail products and sales tactics, as well as training on career development, that were conducted through highly innovative concepts in both the banking system and student training: “gamification” activities, and team building, which convey knowledge and foster creative thinking through interactive games and teamwork.

“Upon the completion of the ‘Tirana Bank Students Hub’ program, where I learned by doing, I became part of the professional staff of “Tirana Bank”. I am grateful to Tirana Bank for the trust, and I am happy that I took the first steps of my career here,” said Era Kacollja, who is currently employed as a Cashier in the branch network.

The students also participated in the competition of project ideas, where they completed the content creation of the career page on Tirana Bank’s website. The success of this program was made possible thanks to the engagement and mentoring of colleagues in the Branch Network and the cooperation of colleagues in the Retail and Operations structures.

The successful completion of the program by all students and the employment of 8 of them was greeted by the CEO, Dritan Mustafa, in the closing event organized with all participants and management staff of Tirana Bank. As a token of gratitude for their contribution, the students were awarded certificates of participation and symbolic awards. This event was also dedicated to the employees of Tirana Bank, who accompanied the students in every step of their internship.

For the second call on September-December 2021 and onwards, Tirana Bank Students Hub will be organized in cooperation with the B4Students program, powered by BALFIN Group.