August 8, 2022
West Park, the new retail park model, makes its debut in Korça

West Park, a unique commercial facility featuring well-known brands and public areas, officially opened on August 5 in Korça, marking the first investment of its kind in BALFIN Group’s portfolio and in Albania. This novel investment is a brand-new concept aiming to tailor to customers’ daily needs and serve as catalyst for the development of the entire city.

The inauguration ceremony gathered high level representatives from BALFIN Group and hundreds of citizens.

The 7,400 m2 facility provides a wider selection of similar shopping center-style stores, but in a building with a more consolidated structure, thus giving more free space to the citizens. The park features the stores as part of the city’s public spaces, eliminating enclosures and divisions, whereas the units offer an inviting environment for everyone without creating barriers. In terms of construction, a modern architecture has been chosen, and the units’ interior are industrial in design.

The brands at West Park have been selected to meet everyday consumer demands by providing quality products from key sectors such as food, electronics, fashion, children’s toys, home interior, etc. The distinguished SPAR Albania, Jumbo, Neptun, and LC Waikiki will now make shopping easier for the residents of Korça and the many tourists that this town welcomes throughout the year. On the occasion of the park’s opening and inauguration, these brands had dedicated offers for their customers.

“First and foremost, I am happy that BALFIN Group has finally made a serious investment in Korça, which we had planned for a long time. By bringing these international brands, we hope to give consumers from Korça and the region the opportunity to buy better products and better prices. BALFIN Group plans to later extend the retail park model to other cities in Albania, such as Vlora, Elbasan, Tirana, and so on, where investments of this kind have been missing,” said Julian Mane, BALFIN Group Vice President of Retail, at the inauguration ceremony.

West Park is expected to significantly and positively affect the rapid development of all businesses in the area, and at the same time improve the lives of citizens in cities by providing a mall-like shopping offer at proximity. With the facility becoming fully functional and operational, West Park instantly created 200 new jobs in the city of Korça and its surroundings. The retail park will be managed by ACREM, part of BALFIN Group, which also manages TEG and QTU, Albania’s two largest shopping centers.

Throughout these years, BALFIN Group has been a determinant actor in the commercial sector in the Western Balkans. West Park strengthens the Group’s position as an industry forerunner committed to applying the best international practices locally. Today, BALFIN Group is one of the most influential groups in the retail and real estate industry operating in Albania, Austria, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.