February 28, 2024
“Buy With Your Heart”, SPAR Albania’s campaign for Families in Need

For SPAR Albania, social responsibility is of paramount importance, therefore so often, the company launches dedicated campaigns of which its customers also become a part. “Buy With Your Heart” is the latest campaign in collaboration with World Vision and Food Bank in the framework of the month of love, whose focus was on disadvantaged families.

From February 1 to 16, customers had the opportunity to give a helping hand to disadvantaged families by making them part of their purchases. Thanks to their heartfelt contribution and the support of SPAR Albania’s staff, more than 2.4 tons of food were collected. The donations provided more than 100 aid packages for families in need. From basic food baskets to personal hygiene products, every donation was important in helping families who are in difficult economic situations.

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Partner organizations thanked SPAR Albania for its role in the campaign “Buy With Your Heart”. This initiative was an inspiring example of solidarity between SPAR and its customers to help those in need. SPAR Albania remains committed to initiatives that bring positive changes in the community.