September 27, 2023
Introducing Jumbo Sensory Room, a multifaceted oasis of hope and healing

In an effort to significantly improve the quality of life for brave children and young people who have emerged victorious against cancer, Jumbo Bosnia and Herzegovina has joined forces with the Association PIPOL to inaugurate a special facility, Jumbo Sensory Room, in Tuzla.

Together with PIPOL, Jumbo Bosnia and Herzegovina transformed an ordinary space into an extraordinary oasis, providing serenity for courageous individuals whose everyday life is characterized by complex procedures, long hospital stays, and strict isolation, as well as surgery and radiation therapy.

Recognizing the unique needs of these brave individuals, the Jumbo Sensory Room has been meticulously designed as a multifunctional space. Its main purpose is the crucial support in sensory integration, rehabilitation, resocialization, and communication. Equipped with a diverse range of features, the room holds at its core a sensory oasis steered to soothe anxieties and promote the well-being of its young occupants.

The creation of the Jumbo Sensory Room serves as a testament to the brand’s commitment to its community, combining the company’s social responsibility initiative with the celebration of its sixth successful year in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The room was inaugurated by the Director of Jumbo in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dino Šuta, and representatives of the PIPOL Association, Belma Puzić, and Amra Saračević, as it marked the centerpiece of their “Golden September” campaign.

PIPOL was founded in early 2007 on the initiative of parents and friends of children suffering from malignant diseases from Tuzla. Their database includes over 50 families from the area whose children are ill or have been treated.

“Jumbo in Bosnia and Herzegovina is mostly recognized as a brand for children, and we are proud of the fact that little ones are our most loyal visitors. It is precisely for this reason that we try in every way to return at least a small part of that attention and love to the youngest, both within the local community where we operate, and wider. Today is an emotional day for us and we are very happy that we were able to implement the “Sensory Room” project together with the PIPOL Association, in order to help our little heroes and make their path to recovery easier,” said Šuta.

Jumbo Bosnia and Herzegovina, as part of BALFIN Group, will continue to lift spirits and make a difference in the lives of children throughout the entire year.