October 17, 2023
Mane Foundation & TEG support Recycle – Creative 2023

For the second year in a row, TEG has welcomed and supported the creative activity of architecture students, participants in the international competition Recycle – Creative, organized by the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism in Tirana, in partnership with the Mane Foundation, the B4Students program and the GO2 Albania organization. 18 lamps for urban and interior environments, created with recycled materials by participating students, and exhibited at TEG, were evaluated by the jury at the event on October 13, where the 5 best projects were announced.

With this creative activity for recycling and other initiatives undertaken, TEG supports the circular and green economy, a practical way to unlock the value of the products we throw away by becoming a center of inspiration and awareness, alongside shopping and entertainment. The organization of the competition is financially supported by TEG following the initiatives of social responsibility, with a focus on education and the environment, a priority of the Mane Foundation, under the special care of its founder, Samir Mane.

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The dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, Armand Vokshi, says that “This important activity is not only a space for environmental protection awareness and the professional promotion of students, but it is also a communication bridge. We are happy that this edition brought students from three countries – Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia, thus expanding its echo and promoting cooperation.” He also added that “the success of this project is the result of the support from Mane Foundation, B4Students and TEG”.

Joana Korimi, Marketing Director of ACREM, expresses her satisfaction that TEG, is now creating a tradition where sustainable values are promoted by architecture students, through recycling and creative thinking. “At a time when concerns about the environment and climate change have made us more sensitive, it is extremely encouraging to see this high level of engagement and awareness among young people. The work they have done clearly shows the role of youth in the sustainable development of our society. Young people today are the greatest source of innovation,” she said.

TEG evaluates the possibility of supporting the activity for the next year, in order to consolidate a tradition, which promotes the student’s skills and makes citizens aware of environmental protection.