March 11, 2022
BALFIN Group stands by Ukraine in times of crisis

As the tabloids about a war erupting in Ukraine startled the entire world, nations one by one claimed their solidarity for peace. Brands and organizations, big and small, joined in – including BALFIN Group.

On February 26, BALFIN Group reached out to the Ukrainian Embassy in Tirana, Albania, and offered to come to the aid of the population affected by the conflict. Following this action, BALFIN Group companies, in the 7 countries where they operate, mobilized, and started assembling contributions for the citizens of Ukraine in a critical situation.

On March 2, Fashion Group Albania, Jumbo, and SPAR Albania responded to the call of the Ukrainian Embassy for donations in accordance with the provided list of necessary, essential items such as sanitary products, clothing, first-aid kits, etc.

“This first shipment of donations that have been collected with the help of BALFIN Group will go to Kyiv, Ukraine. On my part, as Ambassador, and from all the staff of the Embassy of Ukraine in Albania, I would like to cordially thank BALFIN Group, for this action and support that we so desperately need now,” said Volodymyr Shkurov, the Ambassador of Ukraine in Tirana, in a statement.

BALFIN Group does not operate in Ukraine, but in these critical moments, when the war is threatening the life of innocent civilians, we stand in solidarity for peace as a human right.