February 1, 2024
SPAR Albania Challenges Goals: €115 million Turnover

€115 millions of turnover, 14% staff increase, and the preferred shopping destination for 92% of consumers – the year 2023 catapulted SPAR Albania to records, thanks to its team in different structures and functions. With a successful performance comes higher goals for the company, which is set to double turnover within the next five years.

The Road to €115 million Turnover

One of the key aspects of SPAR’s performance has been the increase in the number of stores across the country. In total, the number of stores has increased by 7 new locations in Tirana during the year 2023. 4,230 m2 more shopping space shows the continuous commitment of BALFIN Group’s supermarket network to be closer to the needs of Albanian consumers, every day.

In order to diversify quality choices, SPAR Albania has also added 230 products of its own brand. The change in its product mix appears to have had a positive impact on customer preferences. According to IDRA, 92% of them select SPAR as their preferred shopping destination.

In addition to the variety of products and the map of locations, the competitive advantage of the SPAR name in Albania is its 1,100 employees in the headquarters, stores, and warehouses, whose cooperation has enabled the company to introduce innovations to the market and grow year after year. The increase in staff by 14% has directly affected its performance. 150 new employees joined SPAR’s team during the past year, which has been marked by their commitment to providing quality services.

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Future aspirations

This success and positive recognition from consumers encourage SPAR Albania to continue this successful journey. The CEO, Elona Hametaj, is optimistic. “SPAR aims to achieve a turnover of €200 million euros in the next 3-5 years,” she said.

With a clear vision and a continuous commitment to quality and customer service, SPAR Albania continues to be an example of success in its market and is preparing itself for even greater challenges in the future.