December 6, 2023
SPAR Albania Revolutionizes Shopping with the Introduction of Self-Checkout

SPAR Albania has become the first supermarket chain in the country to introduce self-checkout stations. With four checkout stations now operational at InterSPAR TEG, this innovative approach aims to enhance the shopping experience for customers through quick transactions backed by a blend of digital and physical guides.

As of 2013, there were 191,000 self-checkout units installed across the globe, and by 2025, it is predicted that 1.2 million units will be installed worldwide. SPAR Albania is spearheading the trend in the supermarket industry of Albania.

The introduction of self-checkout stations at InterSPAR TEG marks a significant shift in the traditional supermarket experience. Customers now have the option to handle their transactions independently, by scanning item barcodes and the Happy App for extra loyalty point and rewards before paying, providing a faster and more convenient alternative to the conventional checkout process.

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To ensure a smooth transition for customers, SPAR has implemented both digital and physical guides next to the self-checkout stations. These guides serve to assist shoppers in navigating the new system, making the experience user-friendly and accessible to all.

Currently, the self-checkout stations accept bank cards and SPAR or Red gift cards. These methods provide a secure and efficient means for customers to complete their transactions during this trial period.

SPAR’s pilot project in the Albanian supermarket industry has garnered positive feedback among customers. During the trial period, shoppers have expressed a willingness to embrace the new self-checkout experience, highlighting the success of SPAR’s initiative in meeting the evolving needs of the modern consumer.

Future Expansion

Showcasing the initial success and growing popularity of the pilot project, Redona Kalaja, Marketing Manager at SPAR Albania, said “As of the 8th of November, over 2,000 transactions have been made through self-checkouts. These numbers indicate we are off to a good start in the trial period. We are very satisfied with the results and look forward to modernizing our retail practices to the next step.”

Buoyed by the success of the pilot project, SPAR is gearing up for the next phase of implementation. The company is actively working on extending self-checkouts to the QTU Hypermarket and plans to roll out this innovative shopping experience across the entire network of SPAR markets throughout the country in the future. This strategic expansion underscores SPAR’s commitment to embracing technology and enhancing customer satisfaction in the evolving landscape of the retail industry.

SPAR Albania’s introduction of self-checkout stations at InterSPAR TEG represents a significant milestone in the country’s supermarket industry. With a positive response from customers during the trial period, the success of this initiative reflects a growing acceptance of technology-driven solutions in the retail sector. As SPAR prepares to expand self-checkouts to other locations, it sets the stage for a transformative shopping experience that aligns with both BALFIN Group’s mission of endowing innovation, as well as the changing preferences of consumers in Albania.