May 12, 2020
Balfin Group participates at U.S. Ambassador Yuri Kim Talks with AmCham Representatives on COVID-19 Challenges

Balfin Group attended a video call meeting held on April 29th, where U.S. Ambassador Yuri Kim discussed COVID-19 challenges with the AmCham Board and a number of CEOs from the member community.

The Ambassador highlighted the important role AmCham has played in identifying business issues on the ground and recommending feasible and impactful solutions to the government.  She also praised the donations and other charitable actions of all the AmCham member companies that have helped and been close to the Albanian community during this time of crisis.

Balfin’s CEO, Edlira Muka, during the video meeting gave a brief description of the form in which the crisis has affected the Group’s companies. She also mentioned the fact the Balfin Group kept its jobs intact, even in those companies which completely shouted down as a result of the crisis. The US Ambassador expressed great interest in the social initiatives that Balfin Group has undertaken during this period, supporting several communities in need.

AmCham members and Ambassador Kim spoke directly about the challenges they have had to overcome or are still facing. The meeting also served as a platform to discuss ideas on how to best reopen the economy while mitigating health risks.

The Board members and attending CEOs expressed their concerns about the current economic situation and pointed out that additional government relief is necessary to curb the present and anticipated adverse effects on their respective businesses and industries. Other ideas to help the economy included greater economic regional cooperation and the establishment of safe zone corridors.

BALFIN Group is one of the most active members of AmCham, participating in their activities and initiatives that will help improve the business environment in Albania.