Real Estate

Real Estate activities of BALFIN Group date since the year 2000 building sustainable communities. Its footprint has expanded and includes Albania, Austria, Switzerland, Kosovo, and North Macedonia.

The Group holds a solid position as the most distinguished investor in the sector in Western Balkans, investing in residential facilities, shopping malls, touristic residences, commercial buildings, as well as industrial spaces.

We have a proven track record of implementing the best international standards in the development of residential, shopping malls, touristic facilities, industrial, office, and build-to-suit projects.


Green Coast was founded in 2014 and is one of the leading investment companies in Albania focused on luxury residences that create a unique way of living.

Green Coast’s investments represent the largest ones of BALFIN Group in the tourism sector amounting to €121 million only for the flagship project: Green Coast Resort and Residences, strategically located on the most beautiful beach of the Albanian Riviera, Palasa.

Green Coast Village, M Gallery – Green Coast Hotel, Elite Vilas, and Green Coast 3 are other key investments in this area that will follow the success of Green Coast Resort and Residences. These projects will bring an additional investment of approximately €110 million to this area, transforming Palasa into the south coastline center.

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Skopje East Gate is a property development company that holds the authorship of the first mixed-use property located in Skopje, North Macedonia, Skopje East Gate.  Skopje East Gate incorporates a shopping and entertainment center (East Gate Mall), a residential complex of 10 buildings (East Gate Living), and an office park of 5 business blocks (East Gate Business). Its mission is to raise the living and business standards and bring new energy to the heart of Skopje by introducing a unique, 360 degrees lifestyle concept.

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BALFIN Holding

Balfin Holding, founded in 2018, invests residential and tourism real estate developments in Austria. It currently operates in the Austrian real estate market through its subsidiaries, TH&B Immo GmbH and PJ 137 Living GmbH.
Its portfolio includes two completed residential units in Altmünster am Traunsee, as well as an approved residential project in an exclusive area in the 18th/19th district of Vienna.
Properties developed by Balfin Holding are characterized by distinct architecture and the highest standards of quality.

Mane TCI

With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, Mane TCI uses knowledge & foresight to shape the way people live, work, and connect. As the developer of the biggest and the most prestigious residential, touristic, industrial, and commercial projects in Albania, Mane TCI creates innovative and sustainable solutions that support healthy living beyond our lifetime.

Green Coast Resort & Residences, Vala Mar Residences, Rolling Hills Luxury Residences, Park Gate, QTU, TEG, Ambassador 1, 2 and 3, and many other projects demonstrate the high standards and contemporary concepts introduced in the construction field, such as the European concept of shopping malls and unique architectural innovations.

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Real Estate Services
Balfin Real Estate

Founded in 2018, Balfin Real Estate is a hub where all services related to the real estate market have been developed with a clear focus, thus making it an innovative company in its 360 degrees. The added value of this company lies in the main areas on which it has built its philosophy and business model: Real estate and Management of assets and properties.

Both areas simultaneously dictate the company’s strategy, which would not be complete without the presentation of a clear and diverse portfolio that can be perceived as premium and no less ambitious for its own philosophy.

Balfin Real Estate focuses on advising clients on sustainable investments as well as contributing to a resilient economy, where more people benefit from the ecosystem it creates through the development of various projects. In addition, Balfin Real Estate makes investing easier and more affordable, undertaking the completion of any necessary procedure or documentation as well as supporting clients so that their investment brings high returns.

Key Projects
Green Coast Resort & Residences

Green Coast Resort and Residences is the elite vacation destination on the Albanian Riviera. With a total land surface is of 217,700 m2, the resort contains a variety of house typologies, varying from elite villas to apartments. This project that exceeds €120 million is one of the largest tourism investments in Albania.

The resort has first quality infrastructure and takes pride in the almost one-kilometer Promenade completed on both sides by different service units.

Vala Mar Residences

Vala Mar Residences, located in the coast area of Lalzi bay, is a residential and touristic resort, and a recreational destination for individuals and families who wish to enjoy the nature, as well as demand security criteria, quality construction, and infrastructure. The community has a total construction area of 33,000 m2 and a total value of investment of €25 million.

Rolling Hills Luxury Residences

Rolling Hills Luxury Residences is a gated community – superior in terms of construction standards and the first of its kind in Albania. Rolling Hills Luxury Residences, a €92 million investment, is situated in the beautiful nature and hill landscape of Petrela, Tirana. This community has a total construction area of 88,500 m2, including a recreational park. Due to high demand, the complex is undergoing an extension that will add 11 more villas in an area of 9,400 m2 with an investment value of €7.7 million.

Green Coast Village

Green Coast Village is the newest and biggest tourism development in Albania. Following the indisputable success of Green Coast Resort & Residences, the development is a panoramic park of mixed-use premium residence that lays alongside the Delta of Palasa, a masterpiece monument of nature in the heart of the Mediterranean. The total construction area 290,886 m2.

Vlora Marina

Vlora Marina is one of the most challenging projects of the group, a development that is going to represent a city within the city of Vlora by transforming the area to the southern Balkans center. The project includes a residence with premium sea view apartments, international 5* hotels, a world class marina and a promenade with a rich variety of commercial units. The total construction area is 228,207 m2.

Skopje East Gate

Skopje East Gate is the first mixed-use development project in the country that incorporates a shopping and entertainment center, a residential complex and an office park. Its mission is to raise the living and business standards and bring new energy in the heart of Skopje by introducing a new lifestyle concept. With a total land development area of 500.000 m2, the project is composed by three main branches:

– East Gate Living

– East Gate Shopping

– East Gate Business

Univers City

Univers City is an ambitious project that creates not less than a very new neighborhood from scratch. Located close to Univers Shopping Mall, the residence features apartments at very convenient prices, a public school, largest in-residence sports field and a variety of services units. The total construction area of the gated residence will be of 410,127 m2.

RH Liqeni

Rolling Hills Liqeni is one of the latest projects for a modern lifestyle and high living standards. The project is located by the lake of Farkë, in Tirana, and is conceived as a park by the lake, with a magnificent “piazza” for community gathering. The villas and apartments are of premium design and will offer the highest construction quality to date. Living at RHL means coming back from the city dynamics to a home of rejuvenation, security, and relax amidst nature.

The estate of 206,000 m2 is projected to have an investment cost at €102 million and is expected to be completed within 2026.

Belvedere Korça

Belvedere Korça is a complex of the latest construction technology, inspired by the traditional villas of Korça of the ’20 – ’40. The complex will include 80 villas based on 9 different typologies, ranging from 150 to 500 m2, satisfying a wide segment of customers, tailoring to their needs and desires.

This project is estimated at €19 million, with a total construction area of 23,200 m2.

Porto Lalzi

Located in Hamallaj beach, the project features villas and apartments for sales, and two hotels. It offers a premium quality compared to other developments in the area. With a construction plot of more than 135,000 m2, Porto Lalzi is a gated residence with villas and apartments, including recreational spaces, a central plaza and two hotels.

TH&B Immo

TH&B Immo was founded in 2018 and operates in the real estate development sector in Austria. It focuses on the development of residential areas of buildings, villas, and resorts. The company has started an investment project valued at several million euros, which consists of a residential complex located in the Altmünster area in Austria.

PJ 137 Living

PJ 137 Living GmbH was founded in December 2019. Its main focus is the development of residential complexes. One of the latest projects comprises a residential building in Vienna, between the Döbling and Währing districts. It is an investment of approximately €7.3 million and it is expected to be completed in 2023.

Collina Verde

Collina Verde is a new elegant and stylish villa complex, where architecture interacts perfectly with the natural beauty around. This mansion offers a unique living experience to its residents. The gated community located in Tirana lies in an area of approximately 25,500 m2.