Wholesales and Retail

BALFIN Group is a pioneer in the creation of retail chains by proposing to clients quality brands and products at the best prices. The group’s wholesale and retail activities are concentrated in electronics, fashion, food retail, department stores, etc.

Since 1993, BALFIN Group has shown its capacities in managing and growing in the wholesale and retail sector in the Western Balkans. Today, BALFIN Group is one of the most influential groups in the wholesale and retail industry operating in Austria, Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia.


Alba-Trade GmbH, established in 1993 in Vienna, Austria, is a dynamic company that operates in the consumer electronics market as an official distributor of household electronic goods. Throughout the years, Alba-Trade has focused on building business relationships and signing exclusive contracts with the giants of technology, to bring the most demanded products to the market on time and at competitive prices. Alba-Trade is the official/ exclusive distributor of Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Infinix, Oclean, Sony Play Station, an Apple authorized Reseller in Western Balkans, and in Austria as Samsung on lire reseller.

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Neptun Wholesales

Neptun, is a dynamic company that operates in the consumer electronics market as an official local distributor of household electronic goods in Albania, North Macedonia, and Kosovo. Besides being well-positioned as the leader in the retail of electronics, Neptun has a long and successful experience in wholesale, cooperating with some of the best international brands and being an exclusive distributor. Neptun manages and distributes locally, in the countries it is present, a wide product portfolio of top global brands such as BEKO, LG, Samsung, Apple, Philips, Xiaomi, SEB Group, Whirlpool, Grundig, HP, Asus, while parallelly developing its own brand, FUEGO, covering all categories of consumer electronics and home appliances.

Neptun International

Neptun International is a leading retailer in the area of consumer electronics and home appliances in the Western Balkans. With almost 30 years of experience in the field. Neptun is continuously building strong and long-term partnerships with leading manufacturers worldwide, bringing the latest tech products to the markets where it operates, offering integrated and reliable solutions to customers.

Neptun International operates in Albania (since 1993), North Macedonia (since in 1998) and Kosovo (since 2007) leading each market respectively by operating 67 physical locations, a strong e-commerce presence, and supplying products to 400+ business partners.


Kid Zone is the official franchise operator of Jumbo in Albania (2011), Kosovo (2014), Bosnia and Herzegovina (2017), and Montenegro (2019). Jumbo is a household brand for all demographics because of its wide range of over 30,000 products, making it the leading company in its sector with 23 superstores . Jumbo is not only a store offering infinite alternatives with reasonable prices and good quality, but also an experience. A vast variety of toys for all ages and preferences, home items, stationery, seasonal products, decoration, etc., enable customers of all ages and backgrounds to experience every season, trend, desire, or hobby in one place.

Kid Zone is in continuous expansion in the Western Balkans countries and further.

Spar Albania

Since 2016, BALFIN Group started representing SPAR International, setting new standards, and introducing the hypermarket concept in Albania.

The SPAR supermarket chain provides a wide variety of products to the Albanian market, with approximately 40,000 products in the food and non-food categories. SPAR International owns several product lines, manufactured in the best European factories, and offers the same quality in every country

SPAR Albania is the only chain with 2 hypermarkets in Tirana and 68 stores in 16 cities in Albania.

Fashion Group Albania

Fashion Group Albania, established in 2005, is the first organized fashion retail group in Albania. With the aim of remodeling the industry in the Albanian market, FGA introduced for the first time the innovation of franchisee contract management in the country, creating a new standard in terms of customer service in stores and online.

Fashion Group Albania is the official representative of 10 well-known international brands Mango, Springfield, Geox, Parfois, Women Secret, Okaidi, Prenatal, Carpisa, Cortefiel and Aldo Shoes.

Fashion Group Albania is always looking to introduce new brands in its portfolio that are specifically chosen to suit the customer needs and to further develop the fashion retail industry in the market.

Retail Servis

Established in 2008, Elektro-Servis is the largest service provider of its kind in Albania, Kosovo (2014), and North Macedonia (2013). It provides professional after-sale and repair services for the electronic products offered by Neptun International in its respective countries. The company is entitled to exclusive rights on these services from some of the most renowned brands in the world, such as Samsung, LG, Sony Philips, Huawei, Alcatel, Beko, Bosch, and many others.

As the sole partner authorized to maintain the multitude of products offered by Neptun, the staff of Elektro-Servis has gained the experience and confidence to meet any challenge posed by the launch of new models in the market.

On Solutions

Established in 2020, On Solutions focuses on customer retention and experience. The company offers high-level expertise to its partners and their respective customers through loyalty programs, online and offline customer service.

On Solutions conducts professional market surveys and research, measuring NPS, TNPS, and CSI, supporting businesses in the planning and execution of strategic marketing campaigns. Additional services include social media management, online order management, and tele-sales.

On Solutions manages Happy, the biggest loyalty program and only multi-brand scheme in Albania, with over 480,000 members and 24 partners.