September 13, 2023
Mane Foundation and Tirana Bank support a better life for the Aroni family

Mane Foundation and Tirana Bank have come to the aid of the Aroni family from the city of Koplik. The case was signaled by the STOP Show on TV Klan for the difficult living conditions and the economic impossibility of their two children attending school.

The three members of the Aroni family, the head of the family File and her 2 children, Juliana 15 years old, and Xhulio 14 years old, have been accommodated in a new apartment in Koplik Center. Their new home is very close to the children’s school, renovated, and equipped for a normal life. The family will be financially supported with the monthly rent and utility expenses until the children reach adulthood, thus 18 years of age.

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Both children will benefit from a monthly allowance which they can withdraw every month from Tirana Bank, in order to cover expenses arising from attending school. With this support provided, the family improves their daily living standard while the children have the conditions to attend school regularly. One of the main pillars of Mane Foundation’s philanthropic activity is the alleviation of poverty, a cause in which it is also joined by Tirana Bank.