June 1, 2017
The Green Coast Luxury Resort Promenade claims the first prize from prestigious “The Plan”

The prestigious international magazine “The Plan” has awarded the first prize to the Green Coast Luxury Resort project from Albania at the solemn ceremony held in Venice Lido on May 18, 2017.

“The Plan”, is one of the most popular European magazines dedicated to architecture and design. This magazine by a professional jury honors each year with awards various architectural projects, urban planning, environmental etc.
The Professional Jury of “The Plan”, made up of well-known international architects, urbanists, journalists and critics, has this year also reviewed projects from different countries of the world in different categories where for the first time the “Green Coast Luxury Resort” participated in this competition, which did manage to win the first prize in the category “Landscape”.

The promenade near  ”Green Coast” Luxury Resort is a project that drew the attention of the jury and the public for the challenges that emerged in design and functionality, as it required specifically a “mix” of all elements of nature, sustainability of the terrain and the aesthetic side of the project, which this project had calculated in perfection.

The project will be implemented in Palasa, Himara, with the investment of Balfin Group, which is building a Green Coast Luxury Resort, one of the best resorts in the Balkan region. As a very ambitious project, the architecture and elements of the “Green Coast Luxury Resort” are cured in detail and according to the best European experience.

The Project of the Promenade is elegantly designed by the Italian studio “Iraci Studio” – one of the best studios in Italy and Europe, which managed to realize a wonderful combination of the unparalleled nature of Palasa, with the traditional elements of the area like stone and wood, the modern concept of beach promenades based on the best examples, with all the services that will be offered to help the economic development of the area, bringing accessibility and functionality to the entire “Green Coast” Luxury Resort project and the surrounding area.